If you’re all out of chocolate, and looking for another “Swiss-tooth” fix… perhaps along the lines of Swiss Watches? Everytime I pass by the high-end boutique on Alberni Street, I always had a hard time pronouncing the name, “Jaeger”. And yes, it turns out the pronunciation is a lot like those few shooters you may do on a late weekend night on Granville Street in Vancouver.

Mehrnaz (@Mehrnazes) and I had an appointment to visit with our friend Ryan to take a look at the latest watch designs from Jaegar LeCoultre. (Make sure you make an appointment as there is dedicated service and education for these watches starting at $8K).

These were the latest watches that caught my attention.

Master Grande Tradition
It’s the 53rd out of the limited edition of 200, for $131K

I’m always drawn to skeleton watches… the watches where you can see all the mechanical parts working together.

I’m always also drawn to watches that have a cooler, silver and blue elements to them. This watch, in 18-carat white gold, can run for 8 days (where other traditional mechanical watches run for 2 days).  I can keep track of what day of the week, which month and what day of the month… in addition to the year… which is good until the year 2100. (So make sure you leave instructions to who you’ll leave this to in the future to go take it in to update the years).


We learned that polo players wanted the ability to keep their watches on while playing, but avoid the scratches and damages that come with the game. Hence the Reverso design came to fruition.

Originally the watch face was designed on one-side, with the other side being an available surface to have custom engraving and designs on the other. Now there are designs that have two working watch faces in one, which ever goes with your mood or outfit of the day.

Thanks so much to Ryan Fowler (@Horology) for our tour of Jaeger LeCoultre Watches in Vancouver.

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