We were invited to preview the CND™ Art Vandal Collection of Nail Colours for Spring / Summer 2016 at Oynx Aesthetics Studio, a newly launched CND™ Exclusive Salon in Gastown Vancouver.


I love the sunny times of Spring and Summer to give me an excuse to wear sandals and show-off my pedis. Personally when it comes to manicures, I only like to get them once or twice a year for a big event, as I feel I always chip my nails by the second day due to wear and tear on typing on the keyboard and running errands around town.

With CND Shellac™, there’s a way to have nails last more than 14 days!

CND™ Spring Colours and getting ready for long-lasting digits in under 8.5 minutes per hand

Winter Nail Care?

Here are some tips shared by Denise, a CND™ Education Ambassador to take extra special care of your nails in the winter.

  • The cold weather makes our skin extra dry. To start, always make sure you’re wearing gloves and moisturizing your hands a lot.
  • If your nails are painted, make sure they’re well taken care of:
    • Denise suggests daily use of  Solar Oil®, Award-winning cuticle oil is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E
    • We learned with  Solar Oil®, it penetrates and moisturizes the natural nail-bed under painted nails


Nail Tip: If you’re worried that your nails will grow too fast in between Shellac salon visits, we learned a lifehack is to start your base colours to match the colour of your natural nail. To make it easy to transition from daytime-work-corporate-meeting mode to night-social-mode, your nails can have subtle decor and art featured on top of these “naturally painted” colours.

We’re looking forward to our next visit to learn about how these resilient designs can easily be taken off by a professional or on your own (preferably by a professional of course).

Thank you to the Onyx Aesthetics Studio,  CND™ and the High View Communications teams for the lovely manicure and educational experience on long-lasting nail art.

And thank you Mehrnaz of Panda Design for photos during the event!