Here are highlights from the Spence Soiree in Downtown Vancouver this November 2015.

Announcing the latest news
  • Spence has been around for 28 years in Vancouver
  • They’re going to expand into the US!
Eternity Rings

Eternity rings: aka Infinity Rings… popularized in the 1960s to symbolize ever-lasting love usually given by a husband to his wife on an occasion of a significant anniversary

I was overwhelmed with this selection of over 2,800 pieces on the showroom floor of engagement rings. As for most of us, myself included, any kind of jewelry and diamond shopping can be very intimidating from the aspect of design, price to quality.


Nichole knew before coming in that she was going for either a marquee or pear-shaped diamond. Personally for myself, the ring needs to represent something unique and special … perhaps something quirky like a USB wedding ring.

We really appreciated that there were so many replicas to try on to get inspired with amongst the many open cases. This makes the process smoother with the option to custom-design your ring.

Because we’re in the age of instant communication and gratification, we can forget that anything high-quality and custom-designed will take time to make. One of the associates shared with us that a husband-to be came into Spence’s expecting to walk out with a customized ring to propose within 2 days. We learned that while the ring was being made, Spence Diamonds loaned out the replica ring to him to propose with.

With quality comes commitment.  Surprises can be great, but there are also people who may not like it. Especially when it’s a ring for life…  we have a feeling it’s going to be very mainstream for the bride-to-be to pick out the ring and have the groom work on coming up with the most original idea of popping the question.


Thanks to Spence Diamonds and Jelly Marketing for putting together such a fun and educational event!