Marilyn Jones is the founder and creator of B Fragranced, a fragrance line that is quickly picking up steam (they were even featured in the Emmy Awards SWAG bags!).

If memory and smell are intertwined, then B Fragranced brand, ME will make her unforgettable. B Fragranced is committed to creating scents that completely capture the essence of a woman’s individual beauty. Their brand ME’s new tantalizing scent, Embellish Eau de Parfum Spray, accomplishes this vision, making her memorable long after she leaves the room.

Embellish Eau De Parfum embodies classic sophistication with a dash of glamour and romance. It mingles sparkling notes of apple and peach with a splash of citron. Soft amber and sandalwood give a sultry base while jasmine and honeysuckle balance it out. Once sprayed on, the scent melts into your skin, combining with a woman’s natural body chemistry to give her a one-of-a-kind scent that she can call her own. When one asks what she is wearing, she simply reply’s, “ME!”

Fragrance Review

As all fragrances smell differently on different people as our body chemicals differ, I had asked one of my marketing teams to gather and try out a bit of Embellish.

Overall upon the first spray, everyone remarked how it smelled a lot like sweet berries. After awhile on me, it was very sweet with heavy honeysuckle and amber. On other marketers, the scent lingered between floral, sweet and smelling like candy.
Featured in Focus Magazine and given out in the coveted Emmy Awards SWAG bags, Embellish retails for $54.00 for the 1.7 oz bottle and $78.00 for the 3.4 oz bottle and can be found online at

Looking for a special gift for someone who’s truly one-of-a-kind? There is nothing more personal than giving her a scent she can call her own. Embellish is perfect for a best friend’s birthday, special occasion or “just because I love you,” and makes a lovely gift for bridesmaids–or even the bride!

At an early age, creator and founder of B Fragranced, Marilyn Jones, lost her mother to breast cancer. Her only true memory of her mother was her mother’s scent. This sparked a passion to create a fragrance as unique as the woman who wears it. Marilyn believes her desire to create a signature fragrance was the blueprint her mother left her to run a successful business. Marilyn Jones’s desire is to create quality products that will ignite women everywhere to embrace and celebrate who they are.

Thanks again to the team of Embellish for the opportunity to review the scent!