We were invited out by RADO Switzerland to preview the new watches in the latest collection. Here are highlights and some fun facts of previewing and trying out the latest watches.

We had the opportunity to hold and tinker around with watches that looked like they were made of steel, and I was amazed to find they were made with high-tech ceramic!

Plasma High-tech Ceramic

The first to use plasma high-tech ceramic, Rado makes use of a unique process to offer metallic-looking watches made in ceramic and without the use of any metal. White ceramic is placed in a plasma oven where gasses activate at 20,000ºC, which changes the molecular structure of the ceramic and results in a warm metallic colour. The colour will not fade over time and the ceramic retains its hardness, hypoallergenic properties and lightness.

Rado believes that aesthetics and wearer comfort should never be compromised. This is why high-tech ceramic is the perfect material for these timepieces. Wear them with confidence and let your sparkle shine.

Rado Diamaster Grande Seconde

Beautiful to behold, the new Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde collection is made of  four eye-catching models, two in plasma high-tech ceramic with brown leather straps that exude a vintage look, whereas the two black versions have an edgy futuristic feel to them This collection focuses on leather straps with only one model featuring the famous DiaMaster five link bracelet.

With its edgy yet retro design the Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde is perfectly paired with a business suit or dressed down with casual weekend wear. The unconventional dial makes this timepiece, as well as the man wearing it, stand out. A watch to be worn with confidence, this is the ideal model for the man who dares to be different.

Modern Alchemy
A brilliant warm metallic shine emerges from white ceramic when treated in a plasma oven where gasses activate at 20,000ºC. This magical transformation is achieved thanks to a patented process first used by Rado. Without the use of any metal the unique plasma colour emerges from each piece of ceramic and will not fade over time. Although the colour only changes on the surface of the ceramic piece, it will not fade. With this process Rado is able to offer metallic looking watches with all the comfort of high-tech ceramic. Scratch-resistant, light and hypoallergenic, the benefits of high-tech ceramic remain unaffected by the transformation.

The steel-look for watches is a classic, however it can feel heavy and also get scratched. For our fellow travelers and globetrotters, with watches made of high-tech ceramic, you can walk through airport metal detectors without taking your watch off.

Function meets fashion with the adjustable clasps.
Having really small wrists, before I never liked having a watch because I felt the ones I liked were either too big or too small. After a couple of times, I finally got comfortable on how to put on and pull off the futuristic-and-comfortable, fit to your wrist watches.

Diamaster Diamonds

Diamonds, gold and ceramic gleam like a thousand suns in three new timepieces that look and feel exceptionally luxurious. The Rado DiaMaster collection may be known for its large open dial and pared down design, but these new models are dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate.

For the choco-holics

A new colour makes its debut on the high-tech surfaces and stylish contours of Rado timepieces. Well known to connoisseurs of Swiss artistry and craftsmanship, it is the signature colour of the Maîtres Chocolatiers who have made Switzerland synonymous with chocolate heaven. As the light changes in the course of the day, the nuanced surfaces evoke the full range of the master’s art, from the darkest of dark chocolates to the sweet, lighter hues. The rich depth of colour is enhanced by the sensual pleasure of touch as the ceramic surface warms to the temperature of the wearer’s body. High-tech ceramic in chocolate brown – a delight to the senses and the knowing eye.

Thanks again to Rado watches for inviting us to preview the watches.
And thanks to Ryan Fowler (@Horology) for all your insights in all the amazing technical aspects of watches.

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