Living in lovely Vancouver, as known as “Rain-couver”… sometimes there’s a lot of days running around the wet, slicked streets. (With the exception of this year… wow I was not expecting this much sun)! It’s not a fun feeling running errands in soggy socks and feet.

Sharing my concern of the usual rain, the team over at Palladium Boots suggested I try their Puddle Lites. They’re known for being lightweight, bright, waterproof and breathable.


When these first arrived in my mailbox, I couldn’t believe how light these boots were.  Slipping them on, I felt like I was walking on clouds since they were so light.


Jumping in to train camera production crew at Hastings Racecourse during opening weekend, I was really happy to have this pair of Puddle Lites to walk in the deep fields and tracks toward the camera towers. To keep them looking ever so neon bright, it was easy to grab a brush and spray them down with a hose without the fear of feeling water leak through the soles into my feet. Inside a camera tower standing for over 5 hours, I was able to be on a long trek back toward the control room and on my way home.


Walking around town, they definitely gather a lot of compliments. These shoes are great for those looking for a “great fit” with someone who is comfortable in their own skin, but is looking to stay comfortable in their own shoes all day.

Find these light boots in colours yellow, pink or green.


About Paladium Boots

Palladium was founded in 1920 to make tires for the fledgling aviation industry. Tires were made by layering canvas bands underneath vulcanized rubber. Palladium’s expertise was so advanced that soon the majority of Europe’s aircraft were using Palladium tires.

After World War II, with aircraft manufacturing screeching to a halt, the demand for tires decreased dramatically. Palladium decided to open a plant in Pont De Cheruy, France, to start producing footwear that was as hard wearing as their tires. In 1947 the legendary Pampa boot was born, and the functionality, comfort and durability were so outstanding that the French Foreign Legion adopted it for their use. The Foreign Legion put the boot to the test in the harsh desert conditions of North Africa, and throughout the rugged terrain of the Atlas Mountains.

Today, the original design, classic lines and time tested utility are as relevant as they have ever been. Combining over 60 years of authenticity with modern manufacturing, premium materials and cutting edge styling, Palladium boots are ready to help you explore your street, your city, or the world.