When I shared with friends that I was heading to Paris on a team trip, they all said don’t forget to talk a walk along the Seine River.

After 5 days of touring the sites all over Paris on foot, joining having dinner on a boat while seeing the beautiful sites and lights was the best way to end off the week. Although I spend lots of time running between buildings and appointments in Downtown Vancouver, it’s different when traveling on your feet trying to squeeze as many sites and sounds in.

Thanks again to the team at Central Holidays, Team eHorse and the Dream Builders for the wonderful times in Paris (Simon, Alex and I)

The whole week, I wondered what the whole romantic air of Paris was really about. Seeing all the sites in the daytime, at first I truly didn’t feel an inkling of romance.

We gathered all together and set sail with Bateaux-Mouches. As the sun set over the horizon, we cheered and enjoyed glasses of champagne and wine over dinner. In between the duck entree and dessert, we ran upstairs to the top part of the boat to snap as many pictures of the Eiffel Tower as much as possible while it was sparkling.

Truly sailing along the river, staring into the bright twinkly lights of sites, all gathered to the romantic fuzz I sought to find in my first time in Paris.