The team at Rickard’s gave us an opportunity at Hello Vancity to taste the summer-only release of their latest brew, The Radler.

Rickard’s Radler at a glance:

  • Thirst quenching mix of our premium lager, juice, and natural flavours.
  • Pairs well with anything hot off the summer grill, including seafood
  • 3.2% alc./vol.
  • Available for summer only.

The Radler was born in the German countryside in the 1920s after a hoard to thirsty cyclists swarmed a quaint Bavarian pub. The quick thinking barkeep added citrus soda to his brew so he’d have enough drink to quench the crowd.

Now, almost a century later, you can enjoy our light and crisp Radler after a long ride in the hot sun or a lazy afternoon spent with friends in the shade.
I gathered my team at the office to try samplings of the Radler, which were comprised of both beer-aficionados and other spirit drinkers.

Because the can has a prominent grapefruit design, many of the drinkers who drink ciders more were surprised with the first beer taste. Some were expecting a bitter aftertaste like a grapefruit. We found the aftertaste was more lemony and citrus-focused, with a touch of tartness. The beer-drinkers liked Rickard’s Radler because they liked how it wasn’t too sweet for a light lager drink with a great malty aftertaste.

Overall the consensus among our gathering was this is a drink we would pick up for picnics and going for bike-riding around the Stanley Park seawall. At picnics, we would pair this with light dishes featuring chicken and salad.

If you’re wondering about other food pairing ideas, Rickard’s has a few in their Food Pairing section on their website.

And as always, please enjoy responsibly!