Here are highlights from our week long team-tour in France on our second day visiting Versailles with my inspiring team-mates across Canada and the US from Team Dream Builders and Team E-Horse!

In Versailles, we went to visit the Palace and the Gardens.

The Palace of Versailles

With our group, we waited outside the gold-foiled gates of Versailles before meeting with our tour guide. We were greeted with such grand walls of paintings and art within our first few steps after clearing security.

A “small” place for worship. More like wooooow-ship – Every morning at 10am, the King and Queen would be here to worship.

As there were multiple tours and guides, we scrambled to keep up as were led from room to room learning about the various historical aspects.

Marie Antoinette was from Austria, and learned a little French to get by.
She was also known as Ms. Deficit, as she kept throwing expensive parties.

No expense spared for many interior details

I learned recently also changing your scent is also common those who grew up amongst the Middle Eastern culture. One time a colleague asked me why it isn’t common for his Asian friends to wear scents. I said that I wasn’t sure why, but I grew up with a mother who was very sensitive to many smells. For himself, it’s common to greet your friends with big hugs, so it was important to have a memorable scent, thus often he would be spraying himself very often depending on how many people he sees per day.

King Louis XIV’s Bed
Queen Antoinette’s Bed

I gradually felt queasy as we explored all the rooms. I felt uneasy to think about all the starving French citizens as royalty spent all this time and money for their exquisite gold-leaf painted and customized-everything. From another perspective, it did provide many jobs (14,000 employees at the Palace?!) at the time, and of course this extravagance in some people’s eyes is a small price to pay to be constantly be in the limelight.

A rare painting by a female painter of Queen Antoinette

Looking at this portrait of Queen Antoinette, I admit I felt very angry until I learned about what Queens back in the day did as mothers. Can you imagine giving birth in public, in front of people in order to guarantee legitimacy of a child? There were 16 public births, and not all of them survived, as her young child in this painting symbolizes as he points to an empty bed.

View of the outside from one of the rooms


Walking through the main palace, it’s funny after many centuries, it’s true about how human nature doesn’t change. Of course we don’t have the largest paintings or sculptures of ourselves hanging above our fireplaces, but the advances in mediums and technology allows us today to self-document and love ourselves with a small device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Restoration of The Queen’s Guardroom

Gardens of Versailles – Les Jardins et le Parc

Classical music played as we strolled in the fresh air along the gravel walkways and highly stylized greenery.

On your visit, as an alternative you can rent a golf-cart to explore the gardens. I hope one day to visit on horseback.

Fountain of Horses


Plan your trip to the Palace or the Gardens.