As my first time traveling outside of North America, who to do it better with no other than my inspiring team-mates across Canada and the US from Team Dream Builders and Team E-Horse!

Here are highlights from our week long team-tour in Paris, France starting with the first day seeing the Eiffel Tower and Paradis Latin.

Eiffel Tower

So how would you bring 350 business partners and their family to see the Eiffel Tower?

In hourly shifts, we were all divided among buses to be driven from our luxury Pullman Hotel in Montparnasse to visit the Tower.

Luckily with such a big group, we were able to by pass the regular line and be swept up quickly to the viewing floor on the second floor via the elevator.

Did you know when the Eiffel Tower was first made, it was thought to be “ugly”? In the time where everything was built with stone, using iron to build this multi-tasking, 7300 tonne structure was first seen as a controversial “eye-sore”.

Wandering around Palais-Royale

After we were given a bus-tour around Palais-Royale, some of us hopped off to walk around.


Eloise, Kemuel, Ivy and I split off to briefly take a peak into the Angelina Bakery, which has appeared in the movie, The Tourist, with Angeline Jolie.

Les Marquis de Ladurée

Before finding one of the most popular places for macarons in Paris, we went to Ladurée’s sister store, Les Marquis de Ladurée, specializing in chocolates. When I’m back in Paris, I’m heading straight to Les Marquis for one of their dark chocolate croissants again.


Growing up in Vancouver, I was surprised to find ourselves all week with sunny weather with an average temperature of 25-29 degrees. We took a short break over at Fauchon over a beer, some deli ham and Millefeuille. As thirsty as I was, I chose €5 beer over €6 juice, €3.50 water or €4.50 tea… It was a great space to take a short rest off our feet, and connecting to their wireless helped us navigate to our main target of visiting Ladurée.

Passing through Mariage Frères Tea, La Maison de la Truffe (Truffles), Prunier Seafood Restaurant, and Patrick Rogers Chocolates

Madeleine Metro Station.

All presentation and packaging is gorgeous at Ladurée. After cooling down, we picked up a few and tried from a variety of their flavours. My favourite ones were ones with cherry blossom, passion fruit and earl grey.

Next time in Paris, and you really love macarons, make time to visit both Ladurée and Les Marquis Ladurée as they have different flavours. Les Marquis specialize in creating chocolate-focused macarons.

Those $10K+ phones at Vertu

As we were waiting for part of our party to order their Laduree macarons, the eyes of Justin and I were caught by this large price tag for a phone outside Vertu’s window. Being so curious, we wandered inside to take a peek at their selection. As much as it’s really hard to believe that there are customized phones available from $10K… from a marketing and business perceptive, of course there’s a demand,  especially if there’s a retail brick-and-mortar location in the middle of Paris… So will you take yours customized with polished black steel, 18 carat red gold,  sapphires, or titanium?

Rushing back to our hotel, we quickly got ready and piled onto buses to head to our evening dinner entertainment at Paradis Latin Cabaret. We were giggling over cabaret dancers, acrobats, and other entertainers during our dinner, champagne and wine. During the pre-show, we cheered on our business partner Simon as one of the MCs came over to wish him a happy birthday.

What a first night in Paris. As the first time in Europe, there were many of us that were trying to get over our jet lag. Early the next morning, we woke up very early to head over to Versailles.

Thanks so much to our team for this wonderful opportunity to explore Paris together!