Since the early 1990’s, Mount Pleasant has undergone an amazing transformation, with cool, creative, locally run businesses moving in, reestablishing the neighbourhood as one of Vancouver’s most desirable areas to live, work and play.

The area high above False Creek, originally referenced as “across the creek” or “the Hill” was named “Mount Pleasant” in 1888, after the Irish birthplace of the wife of H.V. Edmonds, the original owner of much of the Mount Pleasant area.

James and I joined fellow Vancouver bloggers on a Mount Pleasant community crawl on Wednesday, January 28th in the late afternoon. It was a fast, fun and community focused experience filled of tastes, cool insights of one of Vancouver’s coolest communities.

Kafka’s Cafe

Kafka’s Espresso Blend:

Our espresso bridges the gap between old & new world with direct relationships and high elevation coffees. Blended for balance to create a complete espresso, it is superb alone or mixed with milk. The layers of flavour and texture start with sweet meyer lemon acidity, merge into black cherry fruitiness and end in cardamom and clove spiciness. 

While sipping on fresh brew, we learned about how the beginnings of Kafka’s Cafe and its surroundings on Main Street. It was filled with more industrial offices, and now there’s a large selection of local goods, food and coffee.

We can’t wait to come visit in the summer, as Kafka’s is well-known for their affogato, freshly made coffee with ice cream.

Much & Little

much&little is a repository of household goods, everyday objects, and women’s clothing that embody simplicity, beauty, quality and function. We offer a changing selection of humble yet hearty housewares, clothing, and handcrafted accessories.

While we source our products from all over (independent designers, local gems, heritage brands, and fair trade artisans), all items share the ideals of thoughtful craftsmanship and timeless appeal.

We learned about how every product chosen to be part of the much&little boutique is chosen based on aspects of supporting small independent artisans and businesses with wonderful inspiring stories.

French Made Baking

The most recent news includes the expansion of the sitting area at French Made Baking due to the high demand of patrons on weekends. As they moved croissant production offsite, the team was able to create a space for customers to come and enjoy their treats.

As French Made Baking is known for their macarons, we also previewed the new pancakes and crepes that will be available on weekends.

Need another excuse for a chocolate-filled day? French Made Baking is participating in the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival. Preview the line-up of the different flavours of macarons they will be offering daily.

The Cascade Room

How else do you wind down a tour? Of course with a drink!

Mr. Dale Styner of The Cascade Room showed us how to make one of the most popular and challenging cocktails: The Ramos Gin Fizz.

Why can a gin fizz be challenging to make? Think about the last time a shaken cocktail was made. When the Ramos Gin Fizz was invented, there used to be a line of “shaker boys” that had to strictly shake up the cocktails for 12 minutes. Plus, as a finishing indication, the straw had to be able to stand up on its own when the cocktail is ready.

What cocktail will you try next time you’re at The Cascade Room?

The Independent

To wrap it up, we gathered altogether with local Main Street Beer brew and prizing at The Independent Presentation Centre.

Inspired by the eclectic mixture of Mount Pleasant neighbourhood buildings, The Independent showcases five vibrant architectural expressions, with exterior facades featuring multiple colours, patterns, and material uses. The Independent was designed by award-winning, Mount Pleasant based Acton Ostry Architects.

With some of the lowest vacancy rates in the city, there is a growing demand for housing within the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. 258 homes are offered at The Independent. All homes were designed with urban livability and practicality in mind. Homes include custom storage units, state-of-the-art induction cooktops, air-conditioning, balconies and cost efficient floorplans. A unique feature of The Independent is a 20,000-square-foot private “Backyard”, complete with green space, play area, urban agriculture, hammocks, and a dog run.

Completion for The Independent is anticipated for 2017. The presentation centre is located at 2500 Main Street and is now open for VIP previews.

“The Independent is going to be as hot as the neighbourhood,” says Bob Rennie Founder of Rennie Marketing Systems. “You can’t beat this site, Mount Pleasant is quickly becoming Vancouver’s hottest neighbourhood, and The Independent’s location and its height provides some of the most spectacular Vancouver views I’ve seen.”

Looking forward to visiting Burdock & Co. Thanks so much.

Thank you to The Independent at Main team with Rize Alliance, AyalaLand, Acton Ostry Architects, PWL Partnership, False Creek Design Group, Rennie Marketing Systems and Dunn PR for the amazing experience!