Got Craft? aims to bring together a community that fosters handmade and D.I.Y. culture. Founded in 2007, Got Craft? is held twice a year in May and December featuring 75+ handmade designers, craft workshops, tasty treats, music, FREE swag bags, and an average attendance of over 5000 a year.

Here are highlights of our visit to Got Craft! at the Maritime Labour Centre in East Vancouver.

Bitters for your holiday spirits… and cocktails
Crafted Vancouver…

two girls were sitting around with lots of creative ideas but no ways to share them! By doing what they loved, @dianaluong_ and @errcac joined forces to send smiles around the world!

After many scraps of paper, pages of doodles, and endless nights of cutting, they came up with their newest adventure, craft’ed! 

There were cute bookmarks inspired by Sailor Moon, Mason Jars, Tea, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Disney Princesses!

Bird on Elephant

Bird on Elephant, created in Vancouver BC,  specializes in creating unique handmade baby products. We use fun and modern quality fabrics to create cute clothes,  accessories, dolls and blankets for those special little ones in your life.

Homesteaders Emporium

Founder Rick Havlak first came to Vancouver in 2006 to study at UBC. He got the inspiration for Homesteader’s Emporium two years ago from his own experience trying various food projects. When setting out to make cheese, jam, and roast coffee he wasn’t sure where to begin. Finally, after searching all over town and ordering supplies online, he jumped right in – and on the first try wound up with sour milk, fruit syrup, and burned beans. This store is designed for people in the same boat; whether you’re motivated by curiosity, love of learning, nostalgia, local self-sufficency, or the environment, we think learning to make your own food and household supplies should be fun and easy, not frustrating.

Make your own Homemade Bacon kits!
Deodorant Kit
Make your own Tofu!

Delish General Store

DGS began as an extension of Delish Magazine (, a free e-mag that ran for seven glorious issues. The publication and later the shop came about as an extension of what its creators believe in, traditional values in a modern mindset. Both developed into a way to: celebrate the revival of the hand made and home grown, extol the virtues of getting your hands dirty, and pass on knowledge, recipes, techniques and the pioneering spirit.

‘Tis the Season and Feeling Mighty Pine
Flavored Toothpicks