We were invited on the behind-the-scenes tour of the barge by Sirius Pyrotechnics for the Honda Celebration of Lights fireworks in the middle of English Bay.

Team Japan was preparing their 2000-2500 pieces and 900 lbs of explosives for tomorrow’s show.

  • Motohiro Sonoda – Team Captain and Senior Advisor and Pyrotechnician
  • Takanori Suda – Founder of Akariya Fireworks  and  Main Artistic Designer
  • Robert Basiham – Technical Consultant from Philippines

We learned that synchronization of the fireworks and music is best achieved using mines, tails, and low level effects that get the best synchronization and draw out the right mood and idea to match the music.

Akariya Fireworks!

As one artistic director to another, during the show, Robert shared that he feels – until the first shot is fired – very nervous. Throughout the show, he’s shaking and hoping it all works according to plan. Relief and joy washes over when the show is done and he can hearing the crowds cheering.

Fireworks Theme

Team Japan’s theme is The Art of Survival. It will start with the representation of the 2011 Tsunami disaster, a display to resemble an approaching tidal wave accompanied with water wave sounds. The display will also feature other difficult times in Japanese History including Meiji Era away from Feudal and WWII. These displays represent the triumph of the human spirit, unity and harmony in the world today.

Fireworks is not just a fancy display, but an intently crafted, precise and explosive artistic experience that occupies both time and space. It is an out of a moment that is shared and experienced communally, very much like live performing arts like music, theatre and dance.

Musical Theme?

Wondering what will be Musical theme for Saturday August 2nd’s performance?
Music will include both classical and modern sounds, like taiko drumming to the “Conquest of Paradise” by Vangelis alongside Tiesto’s “Mission Impossible Mix.” If you choose to watch at the most optimal place, English Bay where the VIP seating is and the beach, is known as the “front of house” for the audience (ie: the best view).

About Sirius Pyrotechnics

Sirius Pyrotechnics provides display, consulting, production and design services to major events and corporations worldwide. We produce and compete globally at major fireworks festivals and are constantly improving our skills and designing new effects for the fireworks industry.

Sirius Pyrotechnics is the sole distributor of Vulcan Fireworks International professional display fireworks in Canada. From containers to case lots we also offer the full range of Pirofantasia products from Spain.

About The Honda Celebration of Light

The Honda Celebration of Light is not only Vancouver’s biggest event, but it’s also the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world and attracts up to 400,000 spectators along English Bay each evening. Owned by the Not For Profit Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society, 2014 marks the 24th consecutive year of the event, which contributes in excess of $39 million in incremental tourism and hospitality spending each year.