Here are photo highlights from the fourth annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire at the PNE Forum in Vancouver.


Dereck Dirom currently works as a teacher in SD#34 Abbotsford and has been teaching robotics for the past 8 years. He has seen first hand how promoting science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) through the use of robotics can be used to engage and motivate a diverse community of learners.

Seeing his family building all around their booth, I asked how young can one be to take part at GearBots. Dereck recommends “As early as possible, and on average around 8 years old is a great age to start.”

We also learned that he runs after school programs, summer camps and is an official sponsor of the annual BCIT Engineering Challenge.

3D Printing

There several 3D Printer Booths at VMMF this year, pre-built or customized.
If you ever wanted to try a 3D printer, is an open forum for people that are interested in, use, design, and make 3d printers in the 604 area code of Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and everywhere in between.

Vancouver Tapestry by Sola Fiedler


It’s a tapestry weaved using recycled sweaters!

Vancouver Hack Space

One of the most popular workshops at Maker Faire every single year is learning how to solder.

About Vancouver Hack Space:
Vancouver Hack Space provides a physical space where people can gather to share ideas, equipment, opinions, and beer. At VHS members work on personal projects, collaborate with others, and learn new skills. More than just a studio space, we focus on sharing all sorts of knowledge within a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. If you’re excited about making things then we want to meet you.
Many of our members share an interest in 3D printers, laser cutting, machining, crafting, electronics, robotics, programming, electronic music, and art. We welcome anyone with skills to share or an interest in learning.

Fun with Zaber

Motion Control by Zaber

We learned that three different components made up this activity of retrieving a “heart” from a patient.

How Zaber got its start: Zaber’s founders recognized the need for an inexpensive, integrated solution for motion control. They wanted to make motion control products that were easy to set up and ready to use right out of the box, so they created the world’s first precision linear actuator with a built-in controller…

Maker Mobile

MakerMobile is a travelling classroom, hackspace, workshop, art studio and laboratory. Our goal is to explore the endless possibilities of imagination and creativity by engaging young people in hands-on projects and workshops exploring art, crafts, engineering and technology (sometimes all at the same time!)
MakerMobile is a social venture started by four teachers who want to share their love for building creative projects and get young people involved in Vancouver’s maker community.

There were these cute maker kits in Food To-Go boxes available ranging from needle felting a mushroom to an infrared throwie kit?

See where they will be next >

Maker Lab

Sometime in the future, we will be wielding around laser swords…
In the meanwhile, we will settle for customized laser cutting and engraving with Maker Labs and Laser Cutter Cafe.

Vancouver Lego Club

For those who grew up in the 70s and 80s, do you recognize any of the references that that the Vancouver Lego club brought to life with their bricks and magic?


Something so simple can be made so extravagant and detailed like eBoy.
“We create re-usable pixel objects and take them to build complex and extensible artwork. And we make toys.”
The table with eBoy digits was constantly full with families building their own 8-bit inspired artwork.
Find more of their kits and artwork in their online store. 


Wrapping up the fair like a boa constrictor around its dinner, like the metal boa, Titanoboa.

About Vancouver Mini Maker Faire

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is truly a collaborative and community-driven event. It was founded in 2011 by individuals from various hobbyiest groups in Vancouver like Vancouver Hack Space (VHS), who had a strong desire to share ideas, learn from others, and celebrate the act of making. As opposed to a “World Maker Faire,” this event is run by local Vancouverites. Mini does not necessarily mean small; it’s simply the term used to differentiate it from the World Maker Faires that involve Makers from a wide geographical area.

Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers. They are of all ages and backgrounds. The maker community is expanding, diverse, and inclusive. We welcome a broad range of ideas and projects – everything from collaborative and fun on-site activities like cardboard box making, to feats of engineering, robotics and crafting. It’s all about experimenting, playing and sharing in order to have fun, learn, and discover new possibilities.

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