Whenever there’s sampling and eating involved, there’s always a reason why it’s great to opt for a multi-day pass for constant nibbling.

Here are more highlights from Eat! Vancouver this May 2014, tagging along with @MaryInVancity and @CathyBrowne

Smooth, Sweet Rum

Dunn’s Famous classic smoked meat sandwiches, pickles and cheesecake, Beavertails and Max’s Halo halo and more

We tried it with and without ice, and what a difference. If you’re into a sweet, caramel kind of rum, this is a bottle to have in your collection. Panama Red Rum was great to sip on, on it’s own, as we also tried it with ginger-ale and other mixers. More recipes can be found on PanamaRedRum.com.

For the less sweeter palette, Juan Santos Rum has quite a range of ages to choose from. Choose from 5, 9, 12, and 21.
And if you’re looking for a coffee-infused rum, their 7 year old is another one to consider while shopping in some of BC’s private liquor stores.

Smooth Diamond-Filtered Vodka’

The way this Abbotsford-based vodka is filtered, qualifies it to be a gluten-free spirit.
It’s definitely one of the smoothest vodkas we have tasted, and I found it challenging to taste it in my cranberry-vodka cocktails. I would reserve this bottle for less times in cocktails, and more for straight-sipping. Just remember to wait after you get home from the BC Liquor store, not in-store.

Ungava Golden Gin

When looking at gins, often I think the liquids are mostly clear and in clear or blue glass bottles on liquor store shelves.
When the botanical of gins are mixed together, they naturally combine into a golden hue.

My Liquid Appetizer


If you catch me drinking a Caesar, it may be because I need to feed my little-hangry self a little appetizer before the meal starts. Just a little “gazpacho” with some vodka before the meal.

Mr. Clint was partying it out with some MJ when we came by for a visit. Find out where he’s spreading the love of @CanadasCocktail next at @CaesarClint.

A Canadian Alternative to Bailey’s Irish Cream

In addition to bringing out our Canadian red and white maple leaf-themed gear, pair them up with some Maple Mudslides made with Cabot Trail Maple Cream. (Available at your local BC Liquor Store).

Oh Shucks

We weren’t sure if the new beer garden regulations apply at indoor events, so we dropped off our glasses in the Sips Pavilion and shuffled on over to grab a few bites.

How do you have your oysters? A lot of my friends love them deep-fried, but we love them especially freshly shucked by the team at Glowbal Group. Do you like adding red-wine vinaigrette, lemon, hot sauce, horse radish or nothing on?

(Thank you Chef Craig for taking our photo!)

Portable Bites

It’s picnic season, so it’s time to pair up the sunny weather with portable wine cups and bites from Gramercy Grill. Both Cathy and I made a little mess eating our pulled pork sandwiches as Mary neatly had her grilled cheese.

Loving Tea

Good Drink Teas

Mary is an avid fan of the blueberry white tea, where I always default to either Mango or Lemon-based teas. (Thanks for the picture and tea, @GoodDrink!)


To wrap up with “dessert”, Mary was on the hunt for something refreshing.
Wandering around the tradeshow floor, we noticed many people were holding iced treats.

We soon found ourselves at the DeeBee’s Tea Pop booth, who is based in Victoria and also offers a line of organic Popsicles and iced treats made from tea combined with various fruit combinations.

When I think of ice treats, I tend to reach for a lot of creamy, dairy based ones. If you’re trying to cut back on dairy, the most popular flavor is the Toasted Coconut because of coconut milk.
I like having my black teas, but if you’re also cutting back on caffeine, there are many flavors that are Rooibos (red tea) based, which indeed is caffeine free.

Missed out on Eat! Vancouver this May?
If you’re out in the Fraser Valley, make time this October to see the Fraser Valley Food Show.

Dunn’s Famous classic smoked meat sandwiches, pickles and cheesecake, Beavertails and Max’s Halo halo and more