Here are Towering Ambition photo highlights by our guest photographer, Brian Kemp of last week’s #CocktailsnLego event at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Douglas Coupland at #LegosNCocktails

Teams of architects, engineers, designers, and artists will engage in competitive LEGO play, to showcase their creativity, vision and ambition. Coupland will provide each team with a generous amount of LEGO building supplies, and each group will have exactly one week to complete their tower. The winning entry receives the Towering Ambition Award and presentation within Coupland’s 2014 exhibit at the Fuse Festival.

AGAR Tower with koka architecture + design inc and Read Jones Christoffersen Consulting Engineers
James KM Cheng Architects wins the coveted trophy
Lego CHIMP and PLAN & Ramsay Worden Architects
Winning #LegosNCocktails architects
Round one building at #LegosNCocktails

Douglas Coupland + Lego

Learn more about the upcoming Douglas Coupland exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery in Spring 2014.