Here are highlights of beer, food and fun at Hawkers Market in Railtown on November 9th, 2013.

Sweet Petite
Brown Paper Packages Adult Sundaes and Floats
Candy Meister

About Hawkers Market

Hawkers Market is a monthly curated dosage of food and music. The current setting is an understated warehouse in Railtown,the event is an ongoing celebration of the food makers in our city.

People come to Hawkers to discover the new things happening in food in our city. Food Ranges from $5 to $10 and Craft Beer from Storm Brewing is $5 along with a solid pairings for 5 bucks too.

Our intention is to create a space where vibrant and exciting local food can be discovered. Hawkers Market gives local food entrepreneurs a place to conduct commerce, rapidly test ideas serve as a launchpad to Vancouver and meet their customers face to face. Learn more about Hawkers Market.

Fat Duck Mobile Eatery
Blue Mule Pork and Beans, Purple Yam Pastries

Next Hawkers Market

The next market is scheduled for December 14th, 2013.
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