After going through the first 3 rows of booths at the fall edition of the West Coast Women’s Show, this shopaholic was overwhelmed about exploring all 400 booths at the Tradex. Here are photo highlights of some of our favorite familiar things at @WCWomensShow.

Hardbite Chips – free from artificial ingredients, GMOs, msg, trans fat, gluten and cholesterol?

These days I’ve kept chips on my “sometimes food list”. Always on the go, I add a little bit of crunch with chips to my sandwiches for some extra fun texture.

Did you know? Look closely at the new Hardbite Chips packaging, as each flavour is represented by a different region of British Columbia. And do you remember the time they were on Dragon’s Den?

Salad fun with ET TU Salad Kits and White Spot’s Kitchen Manager Donna Kirkeby and Executive Chef Chuck Currie

White Spot and Caesar salads bring back fond memories of the time I spent with a pair of friends who worked in live theatre. I always felt out of place hanging out with them when they always ordered the same thing and I always ordered something new. While we hung out at White Spot in the summer they had always topped off their shared burger order and adding an extra Caesar salad.

At home, for those craving more time and fresh familiar greens, ET TU has a variety of salad kits that can be prepared in under 15 minutes.

To fill your dining experience void and to “spice” it up a bit, there’s the new Tandoori Cauliflower Quinoa Salad on the White Spot menu. (Pst – Chef Chuck Currie mentioned if you asked White Spot nicely, they may provide the recipe to you by email.)

Bird fun at Greater Vancouver Zoo

Do you prefer feathers on your masquerade party masks or on creatures of flight? For the latter, go see the birds the next time you visit the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

Did you know? If you’re wondering why you’ll catch a bird with their tongue out breathing heavily, they’re like dogs where they pant because of the lack of sweat glands to cool down.

With 300 paper balloon drawn with a loving message to your pet, 300 pounds of pet food was be donated to SAINTS rescue at the Petcurean booth.

Did you know? Petcurean of Go! Dog food was founded in Chilliwack, BC in the late 90s.

Ending on a sweeter note: Hello Kitty-themed packaged Jelly Belly jelly beans and colourful chocolates by La Chocolaterie Coconama.