Here are more photo highlights of the music at the Filberg Festival this BC Day Long Weekend with Daniel Lapp, Jim Byrnes and Steve Dawson.

Daniel Lapp

Daniel is a musical mentor to hundreds of students, many of who have gone on to successful careers in the music industry. He has appeared as a soloist with the CBC Chamber Orchestra as well as the Prince George, Victoria, and Vancouver Symphonies. In 1994, Daniel formed the BC Fiddle Orchestra with ten of his brightest students, and he is also the founder of The Victoria Fiddle Society.

He also joined Jim Byrnes and Steve Dawson along in their sets on both Sunday and Monday.

Jim Byrnes

Jim was singing and playing blues guitar by age thirteen. The three-time Juno Award winner brings soul, intensity and total commitment to the music he loves whether he is working solo, or with a band. Jim recently recorded an album of songs from the golden age of country music, songs he’s been listening to all of his life. It’s a rare and exhilarating experience. Accompanying Jim will be multi-instrumentalist Steve Dawson.

Daniel Lapp waiting on Jim Byrnes

Steve Dawson
Jim Byrnes

Did you know?
Steve Dawson is musically multi-talented in many facets. He not only accompanies Jim Byrnes onstage for many shows, but also has produced albums also.

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