Here are Chocolatey and ice cream highlights at April 2013’s Grocery Showcase West 2013.

Bissinger’s Gourmet Chocolates

groceryShowcasewest-gsw2013-04A new player in the fair trade chocolate market is Bissinger’s Gourmet Chocolates. We sampled some of their gummy pandas, wine chocolate and chocolate covered fruit.

Silk, Dole Bars, Dr. Oetker Mug Cakes

Silk and International Delight


Thinking of Silk Milk, I always have all their soy milk options pictured in mind. We tried out the newer drinks of International Delight Iced Coffee with Skim Milk (Mocha and Caramel Macchiato), True Almond Chocolate milk and True Coconut milk.

If you don’t like your iced coffee watered down, fill an extra ice tray up with some of International Delight’s iced coffee and use these frozen iced coffee cubes to keep your drink cold instead.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites by Dole

“Soft baked to keep a moist texture, and just the right size for snacking.”

Dr. Oetker Mug Cakes

Craving for cake, sometimes I regret baking a whole sheet of cake that I can’t share with most of my sugar-conscious team members.

We have been seeing a lot of inspired recipes online for mug cakes. For convenience, Dr. Oetker has their new Chocolate Sensation Mug Cake. 5 minute prep, simply mix with milk in a mug and microwave.

Natrel Milk

groceryShowcasewest-gsw2013-12This will be the first premium dark chocolate milk made with 1% milk found on shelves. We tried both the regular and dark chocolate milk, and it’s not the heaviest difference in taste if you eat a lot of dark chocolate.

Hagensborg chocolate

groceryShowcasewest-gsw2013-23We chatted it up with Nancy-the-Chocolate Princess about the inspired flavours of their new edition of Wild Boar chocolate bars.

The dark chocolate is filled with spiced cashews imported from Indonesia, and spiced with garlic, chilies, and lime. This exclusive recipe is from an Indonesian village of whom they work with to bring the chocolate together. Down the road, we will likely see more elevating, international village chocolate collaborations. Which countries would you like Hagensborg Chocoalates to feature in their next Wild Boar bars? (Tweet them).

Chapman’s Novelty Ice Cream: Super Sport Lolly

groceryShowcasewest-gsw2013-17So far these ice pops have been in many freezer aisles in Ontario-based grocery stores. Initially these were marketed as a fun way to restore electrolytes of the young children sport teams after practices. Apparently, there has been a lot of unexpected positive reception amongst seniors.

Not sure why Chapman’s went with “lolly” in the name?… I always thought of them as “Ice Pops”. Would you likely reach for the Super Lolly or the Power Pops?

Nestle Vanilla Banana Peelin’ Pops

groceryShowcasewest-gsw2013-11Our favorite novelty treat of Grocery Showcase West was Nestle’s Peelin’ Pops. This peel-able ice treat initially was launched and became highly popular in China. I hope to see these fun ice treats soon (I was looking for them while grocery shopping the day after the Showcase).