We’re feeling more thirsty with May’s spring and warmer weather finally coming through. Here are coffee, tea and drink highlights at April 2013’s Grocery Showcase West.

Kuerig K Cups


Did you know?
Green Mountain Coffee’s Nantucket Blend is one of the coffee flavours that are rare to find in. If you really want a taste of the East Coast, there’s always finding them online.

Kienna Coffeegsw-20131

Looking for other convenient, yet recyclable alternatives to the K-Cups?
Based in Alberta, Kienna Coffee created pods that are close to being completely recyclable. The No.7 plastics that wrap the pods are recyclable in Calgary, but not in Vancouver quite yet. The Kienna Coffee team are continuously looking for other coffee pod wrappings to balance maintenance of flavour and shelf life.

Currently they can be found locally in Metro Vancouver at our 3 Bed Bath & Beyond stores in North Vancouver, Surrey and Coquitlam.

Stash Tea

Fan of Stash Teas?
The latest stash teas coming out are very “cake-inspired”.
Anyone up for Organic Chocolate Orange, Breakfast in Paris Black Tea, Red Velvet tea, or Spice Dragon Red Chai? For on the go, you can also choose to bring along iced tea powder packets for instant Mint Green Tea, Lemon Ginger Green Tea, or other iced teas.

Karma Wellness Water and Oasis Smoothies


The pop cap on the Karma Wellness Water bottles remind me of Japanese Ramune bottles. The vitamins are kept in powder form separate from the water because “Vitamins such as water soluble vitamins lose potency while sitting in water or exposed to moisture. Additionally, vitamins suffer degradation while they are exposed to UV rays, oxygen and heat. The loss is greater when the vitamin contents are spread across the full contents of bottled beverages…

We also tried out the two new smoothie flavours from Oasis:

  • Pineapple, Banana, Coconut
  • Apple, Berry Yogurt, Cereal

For on the go, instead of carrying around an Apple, some yogurt and cereal, it’s all blended as one drink. Pretty yummy, it took me a little while to find the fibre-like texture. (So let’s shake the carton before pouring).

Cariboo Brewing and Max Drinks

We met Jason Frost of Cariboos, known locally for their beers brewed in Prince George. (And yes, he does have an Uncle Jack Frost).

We tried out the Vital Max drink, mistakened for an energy drink, it’s their new “health” drink. No caffeine, sweetened with blue agave nectar and it’s also made with 100% BC Spring water.

One Million Trees by 2020

Cariboo Brewing has partnered with the BC Ministry of Forests and Range to Refresh & Reforest BC over the next seven years through the Ministry’s Forests for Tomorrow program. The Cariboo Team made the commitment in March 2009 during a planting ceremony at its Prince George brewery along with Honourable Pat Bell, BC Minister of Forests and Range, Honourable Rich Coleman, BC Minister of Housing and Social Development, customers, representatives of the local community and brewery staff. In 2012 Cariboo Brewing has increased its commitment. Each case of Cariboo helps support reforestation with the ultimate goal of planting One Million Trees by 2020.

Join Cariboo Brewing in planting 1 Million by 2020 >