Here are photo highlights and fun facts from the gluten-free and beet aspects of Grocery Showcase West. As a follow-up to the initial #GSW2013 post, we checked out this month’s Grocery Showcase West to preview what may be lining the many local independent grocer and store shelves this year.

Weston Gluten-Free Breads

Weston Gluten-free Bread

“There’s obviously a decline in the traditional grocery channels,” Jairo Senise, president of the company’s Weston Foods division, said last week. “And there is growth in the alternate channels, but we’re under-represented there and that’s obviously something that we are continuing to try and address.”

Excerpted from Globe & Mail: Weston-Loblaw link puts heat on bread business

The sandwiches made with their artisan bread were delicious. Too bad that we were not able to try out how different the gluten-free and regular Weston bread were. The team on the show floor let us know that in early May 2013, we will be able to pick up one of the many gluten-free loaves, snacks and cookies of Weston at our local larger grocers like those in the Overwaitea Group (Price Smart, Urban Fare, Save-on-Foods).

Rocket Foods

The enterprise was created to be a forward thinking business, so saying “established in 2075” in our logo seemed appropriate. At “mission control” we feel that everyone deserves a choice to select a snack that not only tastes great but is allergen friendly, removing this concern in the simple selection of snack foods.

Inspired by a student who always had to bring his own meals and snacks in tupperware containers, Rocket Foods came together.

Maninis Gluten Free


  • Maninis Gluten Free pasta was showcasing her “Ready-in-3 minutes” pasta beside Rocket Foods
  • There’s no gluten and rice
  • Because of its high protein content, apparently one of the sport departments of the University of Washington serves this on a regular basis

Neogenis Sport BEETELITE NEOSHOT powder

Beet Shots in powdered and liquid form

We automatically think about Dwight and his beet farm…

The reason beets enhance exercise performance is the first N: nitrates. Dietary nitrates are serially reduced to the second N, nitrites, to create the ultimate benefit, NO or nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has three primary functions for athletes:

  • Dilates blood vessels to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to muscles and cardiovascular system
  • Increases efficiency of oxygen utilization for energy production
  • Enhances the number of mitochondria to actually produce energy

I wonder how many red water bottles will I see around Vancouver with this new superfood trend for fitness?

Hidden Garden Cookies: Gluten-Free Red Velvet Bites and Ginger Snaps

Gluten-Free Red Velvet Beet and Ginger Bites

Combine the two concepts of Gluten-free and Beets, we found Gluten-Free Red Velvet Bites. We got to taste the new line of Hidden Garden Foods’ cookies that are gluten free with “hidden vegetables”. Half serving of beets in the Red Velvet Bites and half serving of butternut squash in the Gingersnaps? Beets have that aftertaste… I call it “earthy”, some may feel like they forgot to wash the soil off their veggies. Want to taste them on your own? So far Trugs Gourmet Foods is working on a separate website, but you can go try them out on at Eat Vancouver! later in May.