While everyone else in Metro Vancouver was out partying or staying cozy inside from Raincouver, there were scatters of film makers scrambling to put together a short Horror film in 48 hours.

48 hours? Yes, that’s right.

As is overnighters for assignments or tight client deadlines weren’t challenging enough…
These 25 BC teams of film makers created horror magic on lack of sleep, “IVs of caffeine”, while at times sloshing around in pools of fake blood or bandages… Maybe Redbull and Johnson & Johnson should sponsor it next year?

Generally these were the basic rules on on their site

There are not too many rules, the big one is no production is to begin until after 7:00 PM pacific time on Friday, October 19th, 2012. At the send off, all teams will meet and be randomly given a horror subgenre, prop and line of dialogue that must be used in your film. The point of the challenge is to complete all of the creative process of producing a short film within the 48 hours and hand in your finished film at 7:00PM pacific time on Sunday Oct. 21, 2012… No one helping with the film, however, can be paid.

Guess who I’m voting for?

Our team Bloodied Baritones’ random theme (say that ten times): Bully Revenge

“Payback comes for a vocal quartet group who gained fame by humiliating a former member.”

Can you believe it?
Not only it’s a short horror…
it’s a short horror MUSICAL!

Vote for Aria: in the key of blood# minor

Go VOTE online before October 29th

or maybe you can wait until Halloween and watch all of the films at the Rio Theatre?