There are times working as a creative professional, I find myself in an idea rut. Those times where you’re asked to come up with genius deliverables and work within what feels the utmost impossible timeline.

Sometimes ideas can come so easily to mind, other times not.

So when Brent needed a movie buddy, I was cheerily hopping from one screen to a large movie theatre screen.

We checked out two films from last week:
Lou Harrison: A World of Music and Laurence Anyways

Lou Harrison: A World of Music

Lou Harrison A World Of Music from VIFF 2012[/caption]

He’s definitely not a household name in music like Mozart or Beethoven. Wonder what his music sounds like?

Lou Harrison – YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2009

I love his music. It’s so dramatically cheery at times.

As the usual style of documentaries about people, it went into how he grew up and got started. Even though he came from a wealthy background, he wasn’t closed off to frantic hard work. When he was in New York City, he worked a variety of gigs: composing for dance groups, composing, watching show, writing critiques, attending rehearsals. (Sounds familiar?)

Throughout the heart-warming documentary, it was full of interviews of friends and family, and Lou Harrison. It showed the many sides and sources of where Lou became inspired to create.

At the end, Eva Solaces did a QA.
The documentary was an opportunity for Lou Harrison to share his side of the story. Like adding another element to the portrait that has already been painted by many critiques of his works. Plus not many people have a chance to put together their past and be able to pass along their legacy to the future generations

These were quotes that resonated with me :

“We get more dangerous as we accumulate knowledge, and that’s both a sadness and something to control, try to learn to live with, make terms with.”

“I need space”
“I need quiet to make music”

In regards from moving from bustling New York City back to the California West Coast

“Work work work… always learning about many things”

From watching this doc, I felt it was a reminder of these things:

Laurence Anyways

Lou Harrison: A World of Music and Laurance Anyways at Vancouver International Film Festival 2012
Laurence Anyways from VIFF 2012

I swear after this movie, my thoughts in my head had a Quebecois accent…

This ain’t no typical fairy-tale love story based in the ’90s.

It felt a little long. Ok, maybe a large dose of caffeine before a movie with lots of non-stabilzed motion didn’t help…

Luckily there was no popcorn in my hand. I wanted to chuck some at the screen and yell: “Where’s my happy ending?!”

Let me put it this way… in the broadway musical sense… If you had to generalize the feeling and theme of Laurence Anyways, it’s definitely together with gritty, “real” melodramatic sense of “Rent” and “Les Mis”. Not the bubbly fake (but fun) cheeriness of “Hairspray” or “Legally Blonde” (FYI – TUTs in Stanley Park will be doing it next August 2012) .

I was hoping it had more funny bits like “Chicago” and “Cabaret…”

Visually it was beautiful.
The story was painful for me… I tend to “put myself” in the shoes of the characters and be really invested in their ups and downs during the story.

It was a long movie about how two lovers dealt with “change” and “acceptance”.

It really boiled down to between two people

  • It’s likely one person will go through drastic change expecting all parties (family, friends, society) to accept the change, however act as if nothing as changed (go on as usual)
  • And the other person changes, but expects all parties to move on without dwelling on the past

Looking to the upside, at least I was able to take some time away to catch up with friends. And holy crap, I can’t believe that mid-’90s is more than 15 years ago.. Time to pull out those ol’ digs of platform shoes and cropped tops?

*Thanks to my pal Brent to letting me tag along to check out these films for VIFF this year