Phew, it’s already August.

Had a great quiet long weekend.

Still recovering from my short trip to Vegas to see the Margarito/Cotto fight.
As you can tell from the photo above, we had a great time.

Eventually I’ll get to summarizing what happened during my trip last week, but for now
here are some highlights of my time at this weekend’s Powell Street Festival.

Food food food.

Candle wonton and sushi stand-raw - 7

WaQs Sushi, a division of Snauq Enterprises Inc.
Hand-made in Victoria BC

Whoops, I guess candles don’t count as food…


tatsuko sushi jewellery raw - 2

Sushi platters by tasuko
Sandra Tatsuko Kadowaki

Handmade unedibles… looks too good to eat.
More like handmade wearables.

Takoyaki making-raw - 07

I skipped the crazy long Takoyaki line,

Imagawayaki stand-raw - 1
But went for the freshly made red bean desserts.

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