Okay, so I’m a bit down on the ‘revised’ Digital Copyright Act for Canada.
Downloading= illegal?

Can someone send me some links about this revision?

Anyways, looking towards other alternatives to legal downloads or aquirement of digital assets and entertainment, I smiled as I was reading a recent post on Terry White’s blog about Blu-Ray and Digital Copy.

Technically, ripping DVDs to a portable media player’s format is frowned upon.
I’m wondering about the popularity of this choice to have both copies of the movie in Hi-Def (Blue-Ray) format and standard def (especially for my iPod or portable DVD player that doesn’t play in Hi-Def).

I was looking for the availability of the DVD Terry White featured that offered both Blu-Ray and Standard Def format on Amazon.ca.


Yes, Amazon DOT C A.

Remembering the day that Steve Jobs announced that movies were to be available in iTunes, I quickly was dismayed as I reinstalled my iTunes and found that movies were only allowed to be offered in the States.

The Eye
Search result 1>
Hmmm, doesn’t look like the same image of the DVD cover on Terry White’s blog until I realized that it was just a Standard Def- DVD.

Search result 2>
Had to look under the Blu-Ray DVD section.
I looked through the text-details and found that there wasn’t an indication that this edition also offered a “Digital Copy”.  Only by the image with the “Digital Copy” sticker was how I was able to distinguish that the DVD offers a Digital Copy.

I’m hoping that really soon that movies can be searchable by formats.
Especially “Digital Copy” so I can have movies to watch while commuting to and from work.