It’s tough to sit down at the end of each day on your getaway and just write about what happened that day.
So I’m just going to blog about each occurring event at my own time, just so I can recall the best details of that day.

Continuing on with my Vegas trip.
Since the scheduled boxing match starring Zab Juda got cancelled before we arrived, we decided that we were still going to visit Las Vegas and look forward to seeing what I wanted to see: my first Cirque Du Soleil production.

Travis scarfed down a giant hot-dog from Slots-o-fun at Circus Circus and we “Deuced” (the bus) it over to the Mirage.

It was funny how we sat right in front of a couple from LA, who lived in Vancouver during the 60s. The gentleman asked about Downtown Vancouver, and reminisced about when he used to live on Barclay and Denman. He misses the mountains and told us Robson was known to be hugely populated with Germans. I laughed because now there are more tourists and exchange students than Vancouverites downtown.

I was starving as we entered the Secret Garden by Siegfried and Roy.
I thought, oh hey, this outta be a short walk through the sanctuary.

Slim staring

The animals were gorgeous, and somewhat active in their play.
Well, I couldn’t blame them for just laying around trunks and the water.

Roaring lion sequence

Or their temper.
It was pretty hot as usual in the Las Vegas weather.

I think the fact I’ll remember most from this Secret Garden visit is the fact about tigers and their tails.
If you’re one up close and he/she flips their tail at you-

You’d better run.

Solitary tiger sign

After saying my final farewells to the playful dolphins, Travis and I finally went on our own food hunt.
I was really hungry and wanted to check out the “Cravings” buffet in the Mirage.

So much variety, and there was sushi too!
So much seafood. Mmmm.

Travis was so fascinated that donairs can me made at the buffet.
The manager at the time kindly cut some donair meat for Travis when he saw that he was waiting at the carvery.

This was my first visit to a very-well-run and impressive buffet in Las Vegas.
I was impressed by every team member in that Buffet.
From the cashier, to the attendants, our hostess and server, and especially the manager.

However, next time I visit Cravings, I’d better watch the amount I put into my stomach.
I think from not eating breakfast, I overindulged on the gelato (they had gelato?!) and other amazing items.

We wandered over to TI and crossed the strip to get to the Venetian to pick up our tickets early Monday for the Blue Man group. There were many jewelery conventioneers filling the hallways of the Palazzo and the Venetian. Tickets were not available that Monday, so we decided to go with Tuesday because we were leaving Wednesday.

Off to New York New York, expecting a relaxing time waiting for our main event of our trip: Zumanity.
Was this wait pleasant?

Try waiting three hours in a hotel with broken air conditioning >