We finally made our way to Mandalay Bay for our “Mexican feast” after all that time spent being at the timeshare presentation.

Travis and I hopped on the tram from Excalibur to the Mandalay and finally found our way to the winding large casino to Border Grill.


by yumiang

Apparently under renovations on the main level, we shimmied our way downstairs by the pool and outdoor patio. Nice and hot, we had our drinks and a snack then went over to the Shark reef next door.


Angel fish
by yumiang

Travis was disappointed, he thought there were going to be more sharks than fish.
There were so many beautiful fish and some sharks. I guess Travis was expecting giant sharks devouring fish for show…oh well.

We rushed over to Planet Hollywood to get our “comped” tickets for Steve Wyrick’s Magic Show.
(On the tickets,”in order” to get seats, ticket holders have to get to the box office at least 90 minutes to the start of the show).

We ended up grabbing some pizza and watching a bit of the indoor mall “rain show”.
Ooooo rain.

As if I couldn’t see enough rain from where I’m from.

The show was amazing.
Lots of “hot” assistants and poof giant helicopters and other crazy elements appeared on stage
It actually was a really touching show because there was a story line incorporated into the whole show.

We started off the day real strange.
I’m glad we ended with watching some fighting match on tv while sipping and munching at the La Salsa Cantina.