Oi, I have finally settled back into Vancouver since Trav’s and I’s trip to Vegas just last week.
Travis wanted it to be a relaxing experience.

Las Vegas, pft. Relaxing?
When you’re with Yumi, there’s no time to relax in Vegas.


Day 1- 05/31/08

Everything went smoothly through security, getting to our gate and flying over the West Coast with US Airways.

If I had to choose airlines for comfort, I’m gonna go with WestJet or Air Canada.
Yes, I bring my iPod so I can watch podcasts and videos while on the plane.
On the WestJet planes, I liked that fact that I can look out the window and find out by looking at the LCD monitor in front of me where I was. On the Air Canada plane, while I was flying over to NYC in January, they had a lot of choice of movies, music videos and tv shows on their interactive, personal in-front touch screen LCD monitor. Sigh, American Airlines and US Airways= no personal monitor for regular passengers.

I’m already sharing the air and space with the rest of the passengers on the plane, must I share in the same source of tv to watch too?

Anyways, so finally landed in Vegas near midnight. Thus it was officially May 31st…

Dropped off bags at the hotel, walked a bit of the north side of the strip (from Circus Circus to TI to Mirage, then we walked back) and had a bite to eat at the PepperMill.

I forgot how giant portions are in the States.
I ordered dessert with ice cream and a brownie, and I ate only 1/4 of it.
So much sugar, I couldn’t handle.

Let’s find out how day two went >