Mini Microsoft hand sanitizer

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Ah, the next best thing for zee nerd, this baby fits right in my pocket with my other valued writing instruments within my pocket protector, as part of the package for VIDFEST attendees. I was just fascinated by the convenience of its size (a tube?!), usability(spray), and accessibility(there’s a hook to hang this in your pocket!).
“I swear the ‘bot had somewhat of a dancing motion to it.
Any requests for moon-walking Mondo Spider?”
Opening reception for VIGS and VIDFEST 2008
Vancouver Art Gallery
May 21st, 2008
“Boing”, “Zoink”, “BAM”, “ZooooM”, “POW”
or just “KRAZY!” (That’s all the onomatopoeia I can come up with for now….)
“KRAZY” sure describes the incredible amount of pieces of video, comics, anime, graphic novels, manga the art gallery had packed onto its two floors. Tonight was the night where also the main entrance was “jam-packed” with amazing creative professionals attending VIDFEST 2008.
Yes, this night was intentionally for mingling and meeting other attendees.
I was highly distracted by the stunning work amongst the walls.
KRAZY in cardboard
Some Dreamwork sketches and prints, with many work from various Japanese manga artists/authors.
Many assume, because my name is yumi, that I’m a major manga/anime fan.
I was.
The reason why I wanted to study Japanese when I was younger was then I could watch my Dragon Ball Z and Sailormoon episodes in Japanese (the emotion of the lines are lost when dubbed in English, gotta hear it as it was initially intended…).
I’m not saying that I have cut out this work from my life. It’s just because it became mainstream and further to be part of the “norm”, manga just didn’t have that “edge” and “uniqueness” for me anymore. I admire a great visual story, but manga is no longer the my main medium of entertainment anymore.
I digress.
My favorite area was the large open sitting shelf of graphic novels on the main floor.
I flipped through and was captured by the The Arrival and the many projections of anime on the walls.
My only complaint is the display of the framed Japanese manga pages. Probably it was intended to show the order of how it is read in Japan- ie: Right to Left. Should there be a sign for English readers to view the pictures from right to left, because I noticed all the attendees viewing these Japanese works from left to right? Oh well.
I completed my walk around the main floor, grabbed some shots of the MONDO SPIDER ( was that thing walking or dancing?), and popped upstairs to the rest of the exhibit on the second floor.
Oh shop-a-holic-me, at the corner of my eye, I slid over to the merchandise area as I got off the escalator.
I recognized the cute cartoon usb keys from Mimoco that were given to speakers during VIDFEST (September) 2007 behind the rope. There were so many different kind of cute merchandise… aw, why weren’t they open?
I’m a big fan of pop-art and work that reminds me of ol’ printed Archie comics.
The “Onomatopoeia” works and pieces by “Roy Lichtenstein” clearly fit the “Archie” and “pop” feel.
The bold colours and lines, the dots, the alignment are the things that really draw me in.
pacman table
I still can’t believe there was a Pac-man table as part of this exhibit.
So cute, so ol’ school.
Galaxy Hut,
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Bring on the Creative Exchange!
I’m especially looking forward to the Opening Keynote speaker- Chris Anderson.