Lately, I’ve been straining to find time to get inspired and down and dirty with Photoshop and Illustrator.
Anyone else looking for a way to get their creative juices flowing?

There’s a couple of contests which close in the middle of this March-

1) U-Printing International Poster Design Competition

I’ve got my eyes on the 1st Prize- a 16GB iPhone!
This contests has rounds for entries. The stock photos are supplied by iStockphoto.
Check out more details at youthedesigner.
Round 1 ends March 21st of 2008

2) Photo Colour Inspiration with LuckyOliver

Another competition involving another stock photo site.
Go through stock on LuckyOliver, and create a colour palette inspired by a photo to post on ColourLovers.
An iPod touch is 1st prize for this contest.
Contest ends March 17th.

Good luck everyone!