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Wednesday-January 23
I forgot that the Apple store was open 24hours… so we went back to check out the acclaimed FAO Shwartz. It was “awwwww” central. So many cute stuffed animals, dolls, figurines, and toys! I tried to convince Travis to get a Belgian Shepard or a German Shepard stuffed dog… he was lucky that we couldn’t find any.

We got lost on the subway again heading toward the 80s by Central Park. We walked around the neighbourhood and made our way to Central Park at dusk. Too bad all the greenery and grass were fenced off for the winter…. and it was really dark. So we headed back to the hotel, and got ready to go see Wicked.

Poor Travis.
He yelped,” It’s still not over yet?!” when it was intermission.
I was confused, because I knew that the story should not end yet, but it looked like everyone was getting up. Wooo… that was funny. I made the situation more awkward for Travis when I was surprised that he didn’t see the Wizard of Oz before. (Wicked is like the other side, the untold story of the Wizard of Oz). Four other women with their husbands surrounding our seats all giggled and poked at Travis- “You haven’t seen Wizard of Oz?! Everyone has seen Wizard of Oz!”

Was Travis ever glad the show ended. I swear he was looking forward to Mexican food and margaritas all night. Eeps, his giant frozen margarita looked like the size of the largest 7-11 Slurpee.

Wednesday-January 23

The next thing we were looking forward to in New York- Jeff Ross.

I ran to the Sanrio store and other New York souvenir shops to pick up some souvenirs. I’ve never done so much souvenir shopping in my life.

The show starts at 8PM.
Travis made reservations for the first opening- 5:45PM for dinner… and he calls me the groupie.
Travis is much more of a devoted fan when it comes to boxing and comedy.

We were the first to arrive, and we had to wait in the dining hall.
After 6:30, the crowds started to spill in. Travis and I were nervous that we were going to be seated right by the stage since we came in first.

Saved by the corporate group. We ended up sitting by another couple.
Coincidentally they were from Vancouver, too. It was our last day in New York, and it was their first day attending a conference.

“On your honeymoon?”
I snorted and laughed, “Ha! We’re here to see a boxing match. We’re just travelling together.”

Two comedians opened up the show, and eventually Jeff came onto the stage.
He was hilarious, I’m glad we sat close enough, but not so close to the lights so he could see us.
If we stayed in New York for at least another week, I would’ve witnessed NY’s version of Chinese New Year celebrations and Russell Peters at Madison Square Gardens.

New York was awesome.
A week is not enough.
There is so much to do.

I would go to see musicals at least twice a week.
Hang out at the museums, and their Apple Store (Fifth Av) is open 24 hours!!!
So many comedy clubs, events, tours, shopping.

I’ll be back.