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new york day 04_11.jpg,
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Monday-January 21
Forgetting that it was a holiday Monday for Americans (Martin Luther King day), I thought that most places would be closed.

Donairs are not recommended to be brought into a visit to the top of the Rock.
We thought that we, well I was in a big rush to get to the top before the sun would set, would be able to eat on the top. I originally thought there was a cafe up on the top.

As quick as we could, we chomped down our donairs in the exhibit room that leads to the main elevators.
The sun was just a few minutes from completely disappearing from the horizon, and I was snapping as many pictures from all around the top of the Rock. Without a tripod, I had a few that turned out pretty nice. Our faces freezing, we ducked into a Target-sponsored interactive exhibit, which also doubled as a warming up station. We snapped a few shots, and it took me a while to finally figure that people had to wave to make the lights glow…. ohhh…

Fifth Avenue is full of fashionable stores, but I was aiming to visit the Apple Store.
The Cube is gorgeous, and holy moly was it packed downstairs. I wanted to preview the new Macbook Air at that time, but of course its official release date was to be later in February.

Tuesday-January 22

Waking up late in the afternoon, we gave up on the idea of heading down to the Financial district. I was really keen on taking pictures of the architecture there, but I just got so caught up in B&H Photo. OMG OMG OMG- it’s a candy store for creative techies. Photo equipment, accessories, computers, lighting gear, telescopes?! Anything electronic related, B&H definitely got it. I did not want to leave… lucky I didn’t take a look at their catalogue until after I came back to Vancouver. I don’t know how would I have lugged all the special sale items from B&H over the border.

Avenue Q was hilarious. We were so close to the stage, practically front row center!!!
I wonder if the cast saw me singin’ along much?