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Friday- January 18
Rushed to Madison Square Gardens to check out the weigh-in.
We were crushed to find out that it was not open to the public… so we hung around NYC and Time Square for a bit.

We passed by Legally Blonde and I was in luck. I grabbed the last two Student discount tickets!!!
The seats ended up being really really close to the speakers and stage. OMG~ I loved every minute of it.

Saturday- January 19 FIGHT NIGHT
Madison Square Gardens
Go Roy!
Travis as the hard-core boxing fan he was, we went to the Garden and waited as the gates open to we could get to our seats really fast. By 6PM we sat in our seats and I noticed how empty it was….

As the main event (Jones vs. Tito) came closer, the crowds started to pour in. Travis mocked me for attempting to take a pic of “Dog” the Bounty hunter and got mad when I couldn’t get a clean picture of one of his favorite celebs…

The many different cards and rounds of various boxers were exciting.
I was surprised that Jones fought the whole 12 rounds against Tito.
He’s a pretty entertaining fighter, that Jones.
What other boxer starts shaking his booty to mock his opponent?

Coming earlier into the stadium whose crowd favorite was Tito, Travis and I were not sure who to expect to sit by.
We laughed as the card drew to a close when practically the whole stadium emptied out right before they announced the official winner. Our row was full of Jones’ fans- phew. Go Jones!

Sunday-January 20
Our first attempt on the subway.
Time Square to another station in Greenwich Village should be easy right?
I accidentally miscounted the stops on the subway map and we went across the Brooklyn Bridge…

(I think…)

We took the train back and we got off a stop too early.
We ended up in Chinatown, a neighborhood that we originally didn’t plan to visit.
I’ve been informed prior to the trip that Vancouver’s Chinatown was the 2nd largest in North America, next to San Francisco.
Hunger was drawing upon us because we had hopped on the subway before having breakfast.
We stopped in a shoe store so I could warm up before we attempt to find our way to Soho.

Out we came with 3 new pairs of shoes, and we faced the icy wind as we walked north to Soho.
Not a major fan of French and European cuisine, we finally agreed to hop inside of DC.
Dos Caminos was an excellent place for mexican food. Their guac was awesome!

I didn’t want to head straight to our hotel back in Time Square because I had originally wanted to visit the coveted Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village nearby. Travis and I ducked in the Cellar as the last two audience members for a sold-out show. A line-up of 4 hilarious comedians, I barely stopped laughing the whole night.