Outside of Room 1601-02

Outside of Room 1601-02,
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We all just started out 2008- and January is almost over already.

That was fast.

This week went by really fast with my trip to NYC!!!
The main event was boxing- Jones vs Tito.
I wanted to write about each day, but I ended up waking up really late and coming back to the hotel exhausted from walking around every night. So I’m just going to sum up the past few precious days with what I remembered.

Thursday- January 17
Flew to NYC via Air Canada.
Awesome crew and flight. They were so courteous.

Taxi ride from JFK airport in NY was long to Manhattan, near Time Square.
Travis and I felt dizzy from the 6 hour flight. Arrived at Midnight at hotel.
Shocked to find not all fine dining is open 24 hours…
Pubbed it at nearby pub.

Note- No seafood for me after flight… didn’t feel so good that night.