Fresh 2007 was fun.
Rushing past was Halloween- I stayed super low key this year. I wasn’t in the biggest mood to go and frighten the little trick-or-treaters on Hallow’s eve.

I said good-bye to my internship. I had decided to leave after a couple more office sessions because reality had come knocking on my door.

It was either-
a) Stay at Hot Tomali and continue to “experiment” with their demoreel
b) Find a job

Reality check-
a) I had a choice to either finish the demoreel or not.
b) How do you motivate yourself to show up at the office everyday when all you face at the end of each day was an emptier and emptier fridge?  The internship fed my curiosity and padded my experience on my cv, but loom of bills and hunger was just too close to spend my time volunteering at an agency.

I left.
I had a great time with Hot Tomali. Life at an agency was a different experience from the other jobs or internships I had. It was another learning experience, with major insight with client relations, proposals, advertising and business.

Will I ever choose another in-house agency experience?
Why not?

Everything has it’s ups and downs. I’d definitely would love to be surrounded by other creative and passionate professionals in a design house, ad agency, or production house and be paid to do what I love.
Right now- I’m out and about the GVRD inviting you to get pampered at the local salon.

Don’t cringe.
It’s actually pretty fun.
When was the last time you talked to over 100 strangers in-person, within the course of 6 hours a day, 5 days a week over an area of 20 blocks?