What every digital and new media professional is waiting for every year- VIDFEST!

This year it’s being held in the beautiful Vancouver International Film Centre (also known as VIFC) on Davie and Seymour in Downtown Vancouver.

On Saturday, I checked out the POPVOX awards and the opening gala.
There was a lot of competition in the awards, and there was a lot of outstanding work showcased that night.  I didn’t realize that there are so many companies locally in Vancouver- phew.

I’m usually on-the-ball when it comes to dressing up when going out.  I think I should’ve thrown on a skirt or something- everyone was fabulously dressed too.  Food was great, but I had to run off so I could pick up Trevor’s equipment from the wedding he was doing 2 blocks away.

Too bad I couldn’t snag him and a couple other passes for my buddies.  I just wanted for thank Tre for lending his professional equipment out for shooting on Monday and let him check out how the vast the Vidfest was. Oh well, so I owe my buddies dinner then.

Running a little late, I missed about half-an-hour of the premiere screening of the Sanctuary.
Trying to figure out the missing storyline and getting into the amazing CG world of Sanctuary, I couldn’t help noticing some scenes with some spill and fringing.  Eh, I don’t think they can see that when the podcasts are downloaded.  It was a fun story- “There are no such things as monsters.”

Sanctuary is the first television show meant for online and done in HD.
Wow- those are not the things that go pleasantly together.
How does one shoot HD and compress it well enough for the quality to be outstanding, but also does not take forever to download?  We’ll find out soon enough.

Tomorrow is the Creative Exchange Conference- tonnes of speakers and attendees all gathered together to discuss the future of digital media.
Lots of things related to networking, web 2.0, technology and tonnes of other ear-piquing subjects.

Hope to see y’all there.