Back-ups are a crucial part of anyone’s life.
Especially when it comes to those who rely on their computers to do their work.

I’d never thought hard-drives can be so dysfunctional.
Today I encountered a very strange situation- how does one explain 5 external hard-drives that cannot mount upon a variety of 4 different Macs in one office?

I returned one 500GB Porsche designed hard-drive from LaCie to Future Shop.
I still yet had to face an “emergency room” of un-mounting external hard-drives.
They were all LaCie drives- there was a 1TB, 320GB, and two other 500GB Porsche hard-drives.

Plugging all  of these drives in my MacBook, I was really surprised none of them had mounted.
I thought- “Hmm. Could it just be the drivers? Maybe I need an update and restart.”

Nope, no luck.
Luckily they were all back-up drives.

I’m just really disappointed about today.

I have footage from a couple weddings I am undergoing editing for.  My functioning D2, 320GB drive has the footage that I have logged and captured.  I still currently shoot with DV tapes, so I always have the master tapes I can always recapture if my drive suddenly goes blip.

Yet what if I was working with PS2 cards?  Those cards are not cheap, on average they cost over $50/GB, depending on what size of card you need, and quality of footage you are shooting.

When that Panasonic HD camera came out there was always that debate of , “How do you archive your footage properly?” Original shot footage has always been on tape, which gets copied, and the original master gets locked up in an archive so no one touches it. (for reasons of tape “degradation” if it gets handled often).  The tape has always been a reliable “hard-copy” of the footage.

P2 Cards- there must be a reliable solution to this archiving blunder.  These cards are like camera-thumb drives- footage shot, thrown on computer and used again for another shoot.  Knowing that external hard-drives (depending on usage and storage) on average can stop working after a couple years, it can be daunting if all that footage shot disappears off the hard-drive.

I did some research on other storage options.
Steve Krueger suggested NAS.

Not the rapper- Network Attached Storage.

Yahoo Tech had a great article about NAS here.
Big plus for NAS was the price factor for every GB of storage.

I’m thinking about a RAID or NAS system in the near future.  I’m tired of the time-consuming task of burning my archive footage on optical DVDs and having the need to bring them out if I need something in particular.