Whenever I want to write on my blog, I have to write during a state of relaxation.
ie- Whenever I know there aren’t dishes to wash in the sink, or another task to complete on my daily bloating to-do list.

Honestly, the days following up to my trip to Las Vegas I spent mostly focusing on developing my online portfolio.  It was such a struggle- I tried my best with Action-scripting in flash.

I was close to becoming as bald as my dad- so much “pulling-out-my-hair” moments while I was trying to create a website for my portfolio pieces.

I prioritized as much as I can, but I ended up doing completing half of my online portfolio interface, not leaving enough time to do my business plan before I left.

Las Vegas is NOT the best city to concentrate in.
There are so many things to see, there’s no way one would want to stay in their hotel room and do their homework.

I ended up e-mailing in my business proposal for my Enterprise class on Monday, September the 13th in the morning for Britt and Denise to print.  A hard copy of the final assignment was required to be handed in before the end of class (which was Monday at 12pm).

In the next following days- after I finally present my portfolio for class today, I’ll catch up on writing other things I’ve been busy with.

My online portfolio is done.

I might change the structure for content management after I attend the Joshua Davis workshop on Tuesday (featured in Vidfest 2007).