I made it back. 6 days and 5 nights on my own in Las Vegas. That was a blast.
I’ve learned a lot from my first trip out and first Photoshop Conference.

I have to admit though, it was a pinch disappointing. This year’s conference was really targeted toward photographers. The classes that I was interested in and attended were at beginner level. I did pick up some tips, but I have to admit I sat in some sessions thinking- “I learned THAT last term in my program.

Next time, I’m going to take time on the first day to plan my conference experience. Another Photoshop World attendee and I thought that they should’ve labeled the classes- begginner, intermediate, advanced…

On the bright side, I got to sit at a podcast taping of Photoshop User TV in the Peachpit/Kelby Training area on the Expo room floor.

Mis-communication is global- about a dozen of us sat at the Microsoft Theatre wondering why the Photoshop Guys weren’t setting up. I guess with all the frantic panic of set-up time, nobody contemplated on putting a sign pointing to the other set- “Photoshop User TV taping changed to Kelby Training stage”.

I’m really not complaining about my experience- I just had really really high expectations before attending this conference.
Signs EVERYWHERE would’ve helped a great deal- no signs at front end of the hotel. Please, don’t advertise “Mandalay Resort & Casino” when it actually happened at “Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino- Convention Centre.” I’ve learned from the many “usability” lessons from my New Media Program- we’re thinking less these days, please make directions or signs “OBVIOUS” to everyone. Save me some walking, I had to travel from the North end of the strip to get here, I’d rather save my energy listening to instructors.

I felt really lost on the first day- I followed other attendees from the front of the hotel, walking past the main lobby, the many slot machines, restaurants, a long hall toward the South Convention area, to a Photoshop World Information Booth, redirected to the escalators, went up a floor and finally ended up standing in line to get my pass.

Internet access was ridiculous- $750/day?!
Setting up wi-fi networks are easy and I had expected access to it to be as easy, fast, and low-cost/free.

I waited until the last day of my trip to plant my bum beside the Fashion Show catwalk that was in front of the Apple Store at Fashion Show Mall.

Overall- Photoshop World was an “okay” experience.
I loved Las Vegas, just not Photoshop World as much. I came here mostly on my own dime. Without the student award for the pass, the likely chance of myself travelling outside my country to attend a convention would be slim unless I was going to represent a company who was covering my expenses.

Las Vegas, I can’t wait to see you again.
Just sometime in a different season where it isn’t so sweltering for me.