It’s almost half-way through fourth term, my final term here at BCIT. I’m so excited that I’m close to graduation, anticipating new companies and enterprises to embark on.

As well as I plan out my day, week, and further out in the month there always seems to be different dry spells and hot spots.
At the beginning of the term, about five weeks ago I was at ease trying to find another place away from the YMCA in downtown and its construction and figure out which company to do my practicum with.

Holy toledo, the summer gets hotter and my schedule got tighter.
I bought a new agenda to keep my appointments and my to do lists in earlier in July.

Earlier this week, I met to talk to Thomas at Hot Tomali about starting my practicum with them.  I wonder if he noticed the tonnes of writing in my page for this week…
My book is crammed with “Don’t forget this,” “This is due today,” “Homework, homework!”

I wanted to finish my portfolio by the end of term so I have it ready for Industry Night, October 18th.
My buddy, Trevor wants help with one of his clients’ wedding music videos and I want to start on a new demo reel.
Looks like I have less than 3 weeks to launch my website, dvd, demoreel and my print portfolio.
I want to have my demoreel and website ready for Photoshop World in the first week of September. (Thank you student scholarship!)

Watch out Las Vegas, here comes Yumi.
With the wrenching heat and knowing I’ve got tonnes on my plate, I’m swimming in a constant pool of sweat.