Moving out of my place downtown, I knew that I forgot to get a couple of things from my old place.

I took the bus back from Burnaby so I could pick up my lost desk piece. Upon being bored on the bus- I opened up a 24HRs paper, one of the many free circulating publications on paper mostly targeted toward transit users or people who really just don’t have much time to get to know the latest news.

And who really doesn’t like free?
I ripped out a coupon for “Free small fries” for the re-opening of the McDonald’s on Granville and Smithe. Since I was passing by I thought that I might as well get some free fries.

The usual lunch hour- it’s busy, there’s a lot of people on their breaks – and I was actually surprised on how efficient the team was at this location. For being fast-food, I wasn’t expecting much- honestly it’s just go-in, get the food and get-out for me and other patrons.

There was one of the managers from behind the counter courteously asking everyone if they have been helped.
Score 1 for McDonald’s, Score 0 for Usual Bad Customer Service (let’s shorten that to U.B.C.S.).
“Sweet, I can get my food right-away.”

There was this young gentleman with his free coupon, unaware of his surroundings and that people were standing in line, he darted straight toward the first open counter.

“Excuse-me, this young lady was waiting before you.” as the manager guided me toward the counter and the gentleman moved aside.
Score- McDonald’s 2 U.B.C.S. 0.

Hmmm… looks like McDonald’s ahead on this one.

I ordered, got my breakfast right away and climbed up the stairs to find a place to sit and eat.
This really reminded me of this article I read recently-

Whether positive or negative, spreading customer experiences through word-of-mouth spreads like wild-fire.
McDonald’s well known for their golden arches and cheap food, but a poll amongst friends and co-workers it’s not the usual best place for a “customer/user experience”.

Today really surprised me- I admire efficiency and hard work.
What topped it all was the hi-five the manager gave to one of the employees behind the counter.

“Whoot! Good job!”

All in all- I really admire a fun-looking workplace. Being part of a caring and awesome team helps anyone to look forward to getting off to work.