The annual HSBC Celebration of Light over the waters of English Bay again was spectacular this year. I kind of do wish that the fireworks showcase was on just to commemorate my classmates and I for working their butts during this intensive program for the past three terms.

Fireworks were spectacular, even with a some downtown buildings in the way.
I didn’t feel like swimming through the crowds all scrambling to get through the beach barriers, like last Wednesday during Spain’s performance. I climbed over a concrete barrier to get out of the mosh-pit of a crowd that night- so I decided to watch the light show from the windows of my apartment.

Having no radio, I tuned to Rock 101 online to listen to their simulcast of the Celebration of Light music. I was crossing my fingers for Canada (who was todays performance) to have at least one Michael Buble song like last year.

Not this year, it was even better. Throughout the whole 20 minute performance there was a showcase of hot jazz from the early ages. They threw in a rockabilly song in the middle of it and that totally reminded me of what advice I was given for my demo reel- I’ve got to showcase that I’m able to edit to the beat, slow and fast and show off some other tricks, too.

The fireworks reminded me of the colour-theory classes I completed during the first half of the program- New Media focusing on RGB colour spaces because most of the production and work are screen-based.  A lot of the fireworks were big balls of red, green and blue.

I’m going to continue in some studies in motion graphic design and animation.  The fireworks remind me of creating particles in After effects- birth rate, death rate, how often should these particles burst…  I love learning!