After a pile of confusing text messages- Ryon, Kat and I managed to get in the final showing of the night for Hairspray the movie!

I was excited, because Hairspray is another musical that I really want to see performed live on Broadway, but I have to wait either for the movie version or wait for a production company to come to perform it in Vancouver. Or until I work in New York and go to a new Broadway show every weekend… and that’s another achievement I would like to accomplish within a few years.

It was a fun-going movie. Stuck on the original Broadway cast’s 2002 recording, it took me a couple of musical numbers before I got used to the lead’s voice. Again I think I was the only one lip-syncing the words to the songs in the theatre. Singing them out loud would probably shatter everyone’s glasses.

I absolutely adore musicals- but because I was watching it in a public theatre, it was really hard to resist from cheering and clapping after every big musical number.

The cast was amazing- Nikki B. definitely captured the spirit of Tracy’s character.
What was hilarious was John Travolta in a fat-suit. He was really convincing with his protective motherly-role.
How did he keep that ‘girly-voice’ intact when it came to the “Timeless to Me” number dancing with Christopher Walken’s character? And the expressions on his/her face- wow.
Through layers and layers of fake-fat and cake of make-up-, you can still feel the emotion and believe his character.

I was actually looking forward to seeing the cast perform “Cooties” and “I’m a big girl, now”. Of course being a movie-musical production there were some parts skimmed over, such as Tracy and the rest of the protesters actually going to jail and singing “The Big Doll house.” During the credits however- “I’m a big girl, now” was the audio track following credits and then a hip-modern version, with the beats added, of the “Cooties” came on. Poor Kat, as she was jumping around really wanting to go to the bathroom as Ryon and I are screaming along with the lyrics.
There are many things I hear from many men, but this is the first I’ve heard coming out of Ryon’s mouth-

“…once upon a time I used to dress up Ken.
But now I’m a woman
I like
Bigger men.
And I don’t need a Barbie doll to show me how.
‘Cuz mama, I’m a big girl now…”

I love my drama, comedy and musicals.
Those who do not appreciate the recent musical movie productions of Dreamgirls and The Producers need not see Hairspray. There’s a lot of silly cute moments, and set in the same area around the Dreamgirls- but of course more around teenage drama and fun dancing. It’s such a cute movie for the whole family to see.

In the later half of the movie- I’ve never laughed so hard at a religious reference.  You have to see Penny being dashed with holy water for being a “devil-child”.