I hate bugs.
I hate de-bugging on IE6, I hate those creepy crawlers, ew!

I finally took a couple hours off to myself after coming back from my final day of work.
I’ve made a decision to focus on my final term in my new media program so I can work on my kick-ass portfolio…

So I decided to finally open my fresh new DVD of King Kong.  I bought it awhile ago- but life just got in the way of me watching this beautiful story.

During the part when the cast was on Skull Island, when they were stomping through the jungle with all those giant mosquitos and they were stuck in the dark with all those critters reminded me of last Saturday.

I was constantly attacked by those damn mosquitoes.

Last Saturday I was out on a shoot with Jason, it was tough.
I don’t mind the challenge of shooting in hot grimy weather, but the mosquitoes made it hell.
The crew was parked in the lot of the Langley Community hall taking a lunch break and some photos- but there were swarms of those buzzing critters.

I thought I was fine- not getting bitten and resting in the car as we were waiting for over an hour to cross with the Albian ferry.  Two days later- I found over 20 bite marks all over my body.

Got 5 on my back, six on my hands, a lot on both of my arms, and a couple on my legs.
I came to work on Monday and it looked like a got into a fight with my right knuckle all swelled up (there was a bite on the edge of my ring finger).

“What did you do?  Get into a fight?!”

Yep, I fought those darn Fraser Valley mosquitoes and lost.
Lost it real good.

Anyways- back to class on Monday.  I can’t wait!