Chris Botti ticket

Chris Botti ticket,
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It’s not very unusual that I like doing things on my own- I don’t mind going out eating dinner, seeing a movie, or shoe-shopping by myself. I’ve never really understood why some of my friends hate doing some of those activities on their own but instead would rather go in a large group or with someone else.

Yesterday was a blast. Literally, brass was a blast.
I ran home from work, dropped off my stuff and darted to the Orpheum.

I asked for a ticket as close to the stage as possible- Orchestra Right, Row 5, seat 64.
(Queen of last minute.)

I missed the first song by Sophie, but when I darted in I couldn’t find my seat in the dark, so I sat in an empty row.
I realized that I was sitting in row 3- so close to the stage. (yay! No one taller than me can block my view!)

When I finally got to my seat I noticed that most of row 5 in the center orchestra was empty- goes to show that the ads I saw for those tickets on Craigslist weren’t sold.

Sophie Millman was great- I wish she performed “My heart belongs to Daddy” live because she performed songs from her new 2nd album. At first I didn’t recognize that it was Sophie because of her hair, stylized differently but her voice was definitely unmistakable. I love her voice.

As I was rushing to the bathroom at the beginning of intermission- I heard another audience member say- “So she’s Russian eh? Millman isn’t a very Russian name.”
True- and my name isn’t really Canadian, Japanese, or Chinese… it’s really a mixture of all.

After intermission, Chris Botti came on stage.
In all honesty, I was at the Orpheum to listen to Sophie. I wasn’t much of an instrumental listener- I do like a lot of brass in the music on my iPod, but complimented with strong and deep vocals.

Chris Botti was amazing- I usually fall asleep at intrument or orchestral performances. Shaking and bopping in my seat to the fun and jumpy sounds. I wonder how many years did it take for him to stop feeling the soreness and the pain of his cheeks when blowing his trumpet… or does he still suffer from really hot red cheeks.

Speaking of hot- wow- wow- wow.
Gorgeous and talented!
I’ve never been suspended in awe by looks and talent like last night…
Fit a man in a neat blazer, nice jeans, styled hair and add an instrument= meow!

He told his story of how he got to perform with Sinatra when he dropped out of college.
In my head I thought, huh? How old IS he?
And I think his wife/girlfriend sat in front of me- she kept waving to him on stage and he was waving back (aww!).
As soon as I got home I looked up his birthday- and he was born in the 60s.
I was really surprised he’s in his 40s now… he looks so young!

It was hilarious when the gentlemen across the aisle from me was giving the other gentlemen sitting in front of me dirty looks when he kept clapping and cheering. He probably was part of the backstage crew and snuck out to a seat in the audience to watch Chris play.

Chris Botti is definitely an entertainer and his band is awesome.
James Genus plays on Saturday Night Live (SNL, SNL! ). The guitarist Marc Whitfield plays a honking red guitar- I’ve never seen a guitarist strum strings so fast… It was so unbelievable how crazily he played for the fast songs. Sy Smith, the guitarist’s cousin actually is one of the back-up singers on American Idol.
Billy Kilson is nuts- again- I’ve never seen anyone up-close play drums so fast. There was so much sweat dripping off his face when he was making beats like crazy. And Peter Martin, the piano guy was great tickling the ivories. He reminded me of Jamie Cullum at the Commodore last fall, so passionate on the piano. I love it when musicians play their instruments so fast… I worry about how long they can last… phew.

So Chris is off to Victoria to play another show… and he gets to perform with Diana Krall in some shows in the States.
Sigh- looks like I gotta wait until I’m done school, make tonnes of money and fly to all of these shows.

I need to see Diana Krall, Michael Buble and Tony Bennett perform live sometime soon.
And it wouldn’t be bad to see Matt Dusk, Jamie Cullum and Harry Connick, Jr. back in Vancouver again.

Am I not a jazz groupie or what?