Harry Connick Jr. Pass

Harry Connick Jr. Pass,
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Ohhhh my gawwwwd!

Harry came to town! Yah!
Denise and I went to see  Harry live  today at the Centre.
Although I was let off work earlier than usual, I still managed to make it to the Centre just 5 minutes before the show started.  (I was distracted by Ocean 11’s on TV while eating dinner).

It was hot outside and I was dripping in sweat as I got in my seat.  Ironically seat 207, the exact same seat I sat in to see Chicago.

The show started off with an instrumental overture by the band.
11 members=
1 drummer
1 bass player
3 trombone players
3 trumpet players
3 saxophone players

Harry came on and played songs from his new album, Oh my Nola.
Poor Denise got tonnes of glares from this woman sitting beside me as Denise tried to grab a wide-shot of the stage while Harry was playing for sentimental reasons.  Glare glare won’t get you anywhere ma’am.  I joked loudly to Denise that, “I think the lady beside me is going to steal your phone.”

I guess the lady forgot about it because we were really into the show.  I love live performances, especially with live instruments, musicians and interacting with the audience.

Luciel & Harry shaking their buns across the stage… now why didn’t I get to sit front row and centre in the orchestra pit?

After the show, we waited to let all the crowds leave the Centre and I was hoping to wait by the buses so I can get Harry’s autograph.  I got Luciel’s autograph… I don’t think I’m spelling his name right, but he was awesome on his trombone during the show.

I waved down Derek, one of the trumpet players (he sat 3rd row onstage, 1st in line from stage left) as Denise and I were sitting on the outdoor patio Jimmy’s.  He was friendly, nice guy from Chicago having fun on tour.  (I’m so jealous, I wanna go on the road, too).  I got him a “Canadian drink”, Crown Royale on the rocks.  It was like an exchange- for the drink, I asked him for his pass he was wearing around his neck.

Everyone knows I always want to get a souvenir from each live performance I go to.  So instead of getting Harry’s autograph, I got a pass.  Too bad I really can’t use it for the next show in Vancouver, haha.

I wonder if Harry will call upon Derek for the next show in Idaho to play another theme song on his trumpet.   Harry was going to give Derek $100 American if he could play, I think it was “Jonny Quest’s” theme song.

Thanks Derek!  You, Harry and the rest of the band better be back in Vancouver soon!