Another sunny day in Yaletown, and a group of New Media Students of BCIT waiting in front of the office of Chalk to start out IO field trip at 10AM.

The group was pretty large, I technically joined this group because I was curious about Chalk and not because I had to go on a field trip as part of final industry report.

Denise had arranged for us to be toured around the office and studio by Vicky Ryan, Director of Interactive Production and her associates. We went around the office filled with a number of employees from several departments. I noticed their library of Beta tapes on shelves spanning the walls of the office as we walked around in a ‘donut’ path.

We were led to the boardroom for a presentation of the various teams of Chalk Media. It was a very informational and interesting presentation. Their work in e-learning and training is astounding. I admire how a company like Chalk Media works in providing learning solutions and encourage learning and growth amongst the members in the company. I love how they have full-time employees and hire contractors when the office is buried in projects= efficiency in quality counts when the list of clients and projects grow. It ties in with what I was told by another company owner, “Have to go out there and get more clients, or else you die. As much as the technology is changing and the current team is struggling to catch up, the most important thing is to always be finding clients who want your services.”

Thanks to Stephanie, Christian, Greg, Bradley and Vicky for taking time in sharing their insight about e-Learning, the web, and tv production.
It’s highly likely that I’ll be calling Chalk for next term’s required practicum, it looks like they’re always looking for video interns. They’d be an awesome company to work for, their innovation, encouragement, learning, and technology draws me in.