It’s been a very exciting week for school-related outings.
Starting off with Monday morning, I rose at 6AM to get to school by 8AM so I could write-up my progress report for our ‘client, Ed’ (ie- Project Manager instructor) for our team group project. My experience as a project manager is being logged because at the end of this six week course each group member will have to report their progress and experience for this major project.

I typed in one of our Mac labs while I was waiting for the rest of the IO group (Industry Operations) to get on campus to we could all show up at EA in Burnaby (which in fact was just across the street) on time. Poor Chay, he forgot about our trip and didn’t end up meeting us on campus early.

I haven’t been back to EA in a while. The last time I was there was when I was toward the end of my high-school career in a short New Media program sponsored by EA, presenting the character I created in a three month period. Earl and I pulled up to the intercom and announced our arrival.

They informed us that we were at the wrong entrance, we were actually at the Mo-Cap studio Entrance. Oops, all three cars (I stuck with Earl, as Cole was shot-gun to Mark and Seamus was solo) backed up out to the street and had to park in visitor’s parking at the other entrance.

The sun definitely made the lobby gleam that morning. Amy Tutt greeted us and led us to an HR meeting room after we had to sign releases for entering on campus. She promptly answered all of our questions and Earl took notes and threw out more questions. Too bad we weren’t allowed to tape our speakers or interview… Mark and I brought our cameras just as accessories. Heavy accessories… Maybe sticking with my small camera was a better idea for portability as we were led around the main part of the buildings (Phase I & II).

Arcades, a sweet media library, awesome cafeterias, lounges, fitness room and gym. Drool factor 10 for a comfortable and awesome work environment. Who doesn’t want to work for EA?

Finally we ended our day with Russ McFarlane, the Manager of Media Services. He was incredible person to listen to, he blew me away with all his insight on how the industry is now today. On my list of inspiring speakers and teachers, he’s top on my list with Steve Jobs and Franklin McMahon. I’m definitely heading to Las Vegas next year for NAB and CES (and I won’t forget Photoshop World.. I still can’t believe I didn’t make it to NAB this year!).

I’m so glad I had Amy’s card from the EA booth from the Massive Tech show from April and that she managed to get us chatting with Russ. Thank you thank you thank you.

Next, I’m off to Chalk.
I’ve always wondered how their studio was set-up and what their office environment was like.