Remembering Michael Buble’s Home music video as I entered the lobby of the Orpheum on Granville. The elegant architecture of the walls and lobbies brought back that night of my highschool graduation ceremony.

Travis and I got lost right off the bat trying to find our seats. Too bad he didn’t order the tickets earlier, because we ended up sitting up in the balcony, about 5 rows away from the edge.

It was worth it. So what if Ryan Stiles wasn’t part of the show, it WAS the Colin & Brad Show! I haven’t laughed so long in such a long time, my cheeks were burning and stomach ached from laughing so much. I was born to watch live performances, Travis was really shocked that I cheer crazily and laugh like a loud donkey at performances (as long as it was a funny moment…. or else I would be ‘behaving’ myself in the audience).

I wish the show never ended. The Canucks were playing against the Stars, and it was funny how Colin and Brad kept using them in their improv.

Canadians rock! I knew that Ryan Stiles was from Richmond (Go ask Travis about Ryan Stiles, and he’ll proudly say he went to the same high-school as he did), but I didn’t know that Colin was from Vancouver!

Vancooooooooouver! Yay, hometown!

Any performance playing to the crowd is the best, totally my money’s worth. Especially with these improv kings- so many audience members climbed up on-stage to be a part of their act. The guessing murder game was funny, but I loved the last game they played- it involved mousetraps!

Ow! So many mousetraps on the stage floor, and poor Colin and Brad played the Alphabet improv game while walking over them… blindfolded.

Ow ow ow. Why seeing someone in pain can be such comedic gold? Who knew that changing a tire (the theme they had to play with) would be so painful.

I left the theatre with the biggest smile on my face. I walked down the aisle on the orchestra level towards the stage and grabbed a mousetrap. A broken mousetrap in my hand as I sped to wait back in the lobby.

I thought I was busted for running on-stage when an usher came up to me and said,

“So what are you gonna do with that mousetrap?”

I quickly replied,

“Well, I want to get it signed by Colin and Brad.”

And she let me go. Phew…


I didn’t wait too long outside, we were waiting for Yinka to meet us at the Orpheum so we could all head out to dinner after. Oh well, I wonder if Colin and Brad will sign my mousetrap after I left a comment on their Myspace page.